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About us
About Us
About Us

We are group of typical and passionate craftsmen gothering together,  trying best to produce the finest hand made wood sunglasses, wood optical frames(prescription). Our simple dream is to combine fashionable elements with hand made primordial esthetic, and build long term mutually benificial relationships with our customers.

We are honored to have our hard-working craftsmen with years of experience and know-how in hand made wood sunglasses. Run like a family, we has overcome every trouble together. This is the reason we can grow step by step and be proven by our highly satisfied customers.

We especially want to express our warm-hearted gratitude for the unyeilding support of our worldwide customers. Time changes, world economic crisis have come and gone, and we go through them together hand in hand. Thank you for your continued patronage and partnership

No matter where you operate your business, if you are in the eyewear industry or interested in wood eyewear, we are open to talk and looking forward to your inquiries. 
Wood Eyewear China

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